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COM Hijacking, or DLL Hijacking come back

Kirill Soldatov, 11.04.2012

dll hijacking, com hijacking, binary planting

TDSS botnet: full disclosure

Andrey Rassokhin, Dmitry Oleksyuk, 01.08.2010

TDSS, blind sqli, hijack botnet, drive-by downloads, malware analysis, trojan

Bootkits – a new stage of development

Dmitry Oleksyuk, 01.08.2010

malware analysis, bootkit, bios infection, bootkit remover, disassembling, virus removal

Case study: the Ibank trojan

Alisa Esage, 01.08.2010

ibank, hack online banks, trojan, keylogger, malware analysis, disassembling

Browser attack. Analysis of the malicious Flash objects and PDF documents

Alisa Esage, 01.02.2010

browser exploitation, drive-by downloads, Pdfka.asd, Pidief.cvl, Exploit.SWF.Agent.br, heap-spray, malware analysis

Case study: TDSS Rootkit

Alisa Esage, 01.11.2009

TDSS, rootkit detection, TDSS removal, malware analysis, disassembling, trojan

Everybody lies: reaching after the truth while searching for rootkits

Alisa Esage, Dmitry Oleksyuk, 01.11.2009

rootkit detection, kernel-mode rootkit, malware analysis, kernel protection, disassembling